HaVoK Clan Xbox 360

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2

In clan HaVoK we enjoy playing Black Ops 2. A lot of times we will have quickscope and/or trickshot battles throughout the month. When we have these battles we will usually hook up with members from the Shadow and Manifest clan but also the FaDe clan. If you want to join clan HaVoK message me on Xbox LIVE at HaVoKElite1 or on pc ^^6{HaVoK}-Elite.

Hollywood Undead - Undead_(musiclife.kz)
Hollywood Undead - Undead_(musiclife.kz) (Musiclife.kz - Ñêà÷àòü ìóçûêó, mp3, ïåñíè áåñïëàòíî!)

HaVoK Members: HaVoKElite1, HaVoKPotatoes1, HaVoKShadows1, HaVoKPineapple1, and HaVoKNachos1